Scrabble for the EFL classroom

Scrabble is great to use in the classroom, especially here in Asia where classrooms are gradually becoming more learner-centred. Many teachers find it difficult to give students control, but I find that Scrabble is a good way to start – the students are so engaged with the game that they won’t misbehave.

Here is a set of Scrabble pieces – print out one page (on coloured paper, perhaps?) for every 25 students or so. There are also instructions for three versions that I use regularly in my classrooms.

Scrabble pieces

How to store them – I know one teacher who made use of an old fancy chocolate box – it had a magnetised lid, and two sections inside, which she used to separate vowels and consonants. Alternatively, just use an envelope for each.

For more information on the benefits of playing Scrabble in the classroom, I really like this article:


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