Monkeying around

Animals are useful first vocabulary where I live – the kids are always trying to tell me about pets at home, or the fact that a dog has just wandered into the classroom, or that they like fish but not cats because you can eat fish but cats are a bit furry.

Here are some pictures to use when teaching animals. I don’t claim in any way to be an artist, but I do like to make my own resources, and drawing becomes kinda necessary… I really like this book by Andrew Wright – 1000+ Pictures for Teachers to Copy.

There’s a mix of wild and domestic animals, and a few insects too. Just the animals that my students tend to want to use first. There’s also a memory game. I often get students to categorise animals using the memory game cards – first they match the pictures with the words, then I ask them to make two or three circles on their desks using string, and put all the cards into one of the circles. You can either tell them the categories to use, or see what they come up with (for example, the other day: “Why did you put the lion and the shark together?” “Because they are animals tourists want to see, but we don’t.”) Categories can be whatever you want. Try domestic/wild, edible/non-edible, pretty/not pretty, endangered/non-endangered, tall/short, green/brown/multi-coloured… The possibilities are endless ūüôā

Memory game – Animals 1

Memory game – Animals 2


Domestic animals:

Wild animals:


Water animals and sealife:





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