We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is a classic children’s book for a reason. Its repetitive language, simple grammar and funny story make it a good resource for the EFL classroom.There is a beautiful pop-up edition available as well as the regular paperback and board book versions – you can see pictures and buy it here (New Zealand), or buy it with free worldwide delivery here 🙂

Lots of extension activities spring to mind to help children engage and interact with the story – maps, bird’s eye view pictures, masks, sensory tubs, collages… Here are two to start with.

The first is a retell board, instructions in the PDF.

The second is a simple board game. You can download the instructions, dice, counters and board here, or here’s the board all alone:

Board game

Board game image

 For young learners in an EFL setting, visuals are really important, so I always try to show videos of stories as well as reading the book. Michael Rosen has recorded a wonderful performance of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt for the Newcastle-based Seven Stories Museum of the Children’s Book. No graphics, but his body language is incredible, and it’s great for kids to be exposed to a different accent as well!

For animation, I like the one below – clear, bright, and easy to understand 🙂

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