My Cat Likes To Play With Puppets

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes is a great book by a New Zealand writer, Eve Sutton. Each page bemoans the lack of skills in the author’s cat, while comparing him to cats from other countries in a fun rhyme. It works great for puppet theatre, with students holding up more and more puppets as they’re introduced in the story. I also use a set of puppets the very first time I read the story to the class. Each student gets one puppet (it’s okay to repeat characters) and when their character appears in the story, they hold up their puppet to show recognition. Afterwards, I ask them if they can remember what country their puppets come from, and if they know anything about that country. It’s a good starting point for sessions on geography, or skills (“My cat likes to hide in boxes. I like to paint pictures.”)

Here is a set of puppets to use with the story. I haven’t included the title cat, but suggest getting the kids to draw their own cat, if they have one, and then hiding him behind a real or drawn box.


Puppets for My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes


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