My Granny Went to Market

This is a new book for me, but My Granny Went to Market by Stella Blackstone is already one of my favourites. It has beautifully coloured, bright pictures, and is essentially a counting rhyme about a granny with a magic flying carpet, who visits the markets of the world. Although the language will be quite difficult for most EFL young learners, especially the ones to whom the content might appeal, the rhythm and clear illustrations are worth the trouble of teaching some new vocabulary 🙂 If you’re wavering, here’s an example of the evocative language:

She bought the flying carpet

from a man in Istanbul.

It was trimmed with yellow tassels,

and made of knotted wool.

“Now Africa!” sang Granny,

“We must wake the morning sun!”

They spiralled south to Kenya

where she bought six booming drums.

Obviously it’s a good starting point for numbers and geography. What else? The descriptive language (booming, buzzing, fierce) is an opportunity for older students to develop their own writing, and from an affective point of view, you could use it as a springboard for discussion about difference and world culture. The publishers – Barefoot Books – have some pretty strong credentials when it comes to publishing diverse and high quality books that expose learners to the world, and support them in constructing their understanding.

The rhythmic language is good for EFL learners, although the language might be a bit beyond very young learners. Focusing on vocabulary work, here is a set of three different Bingo boards: Download PDF

Bingo sample

Sample of the bingo boards

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