All About My Family

I’ve been teaching Year 3 about the family recently. They’re pretty good with the mother and father; these activities are designed to take them beyond that into the exciting realm of aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters, and the grandparents.

Some ideas:

  • Ask learners to bring in a photograph of their families. Learners work in pairs to describe their families and draw a picture. For example, Learner A says, “I have three sisters.” Learner B draws three girls. The pair continues until each learner has a picture of their partner’s family. They can then compare their pictures with the photographs to see if they listened well.
  • Information gaps, such as crosswords: Each learner has half a crossword (or text) and must ask their partner questions to find out the missing words. Good for practising wh- questions.
  • Interviews: learners interview each other about their families and then present to the rest of the class. Practises questions and answers, as well as third person -s (“My friend has two sisters.”)
  • Mini book: learners either complete it about themselves, or about a friend (after an interview, for instance.)
  • Poster Q&A: Draw a family on the board (or use a poster or a blown-up photograph) and practise the vocabulary (“Who is this?” “It is the mother.”) Number each member of the family. Learners sit in pairs, with one learner facing the board, the other with her back to the board. Learner A looks at the poster and says, “Who is number 4?” Learner B tries to recall the family member: “It is the mother,” or just plain “Mother.” When all the numbers have been practised, the learners switch places.
  • Happy Families: card game in which learners have to ask each other for cards, in order to collect a full set (e.g. mother, father, brother, sister.)

Some printouts for you: Family activities

Example page from the PDF

Example page from the PDF

Sample page from the PDF

Sample page from the PDF



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