Colourful Clothes

My 10-12-year-olds were studying clothes last month. They were a bit bored of studying from the book and completing written activities, so I got them doing a bit of craft instead – and, although they didn’t realise it, a bit of communicative learning too ūüôā

This is a “flip book.” It has 6 or so pages, each cut into quarter strips and then stapled together into a book in which each strip can be turned independently to create a new picture. I used to have a commercial version when I was a kid where it was possible to match an elephant’s head to a giraffe’s body to a hippo’s feet. ENDLESS hours of fun and giggling. In this simple version, learners draw clothes onto a person, then mismatch the clothing, and describe the picture to their partners, who try to recreate it.

I encouraged my students to personalise their people, and ended up with lots of zombies, ninjas, and the occasional pink princess – at the end of class, they all enjoyed looking at each other’s books and commenting.


Download the PDF here: Colourful Clothes


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