Alien Invasion

I stumbled on this very sweet short film this week. I’m planning to use it in a short (40-minute) lesson for advanced 6 and 7-year-old learners, but the video is wordless so it could be adapted to beginner learners too.

I started by exploring crop circles and their meanings, then watched the video and asked the learners to do some response activities. Finally they crack a coded letter from the King of the Planet Ood, and write a response to him. Of course there’s lots more they could do than this –

  • Draw a comic book version of the film, complete with dialogue
  • Write an alternative ending for the film – maybe the alien has come to rescue his friends from Area 51’s research facility?
  • Draw their own alien, then describe it in a listening dictation to the rest of the class.

Anyway, here are the materials. Let me know if you like them!

The film can be found here.





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