Cats in Boxes

Recently I got to read My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes by Eve Sutton again with my 5-year-olds. In the previous class, we’d sung Barefoot Books’ If You’re Happy and You Know Itat the end of the song, the children shout “Hello!”, then run through a few common and not-so-common international hellos. I asked them how we say it in Korea (Annyeong haseyo!), then how we can say hello to someone from Spain (Hola!) and so on.

So they were well-prepared for this book! The only one I didn’t know myself was Greece, sadly – it’s “Yassas!” (Or good morning is “Kalimera” – this is in the song as well.)

We read the book, saying hello to each cat in their own language, then the children made boxes and pop-up cats to put inside. Here is my A3 box template – I can’t find where I got the picture of the cat from any more, sorry…

foldable cat and box

Finally, fast finishers did a reading/colouring worksheet, and I also gave them a colour-by-numbers cat picture from the internet.

WorksheetThe kids really enjoyed this lesson, telling me all about their cats and what they could do! Plus, a little bit of global knowledge thrown in for free – win-win!

Cat boxes

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