Pig the Pug

Pig the Pug is such a delightfully spiteful little book that it’s hard not to be amused. Pig is a fat pug with a lot of toys – and don’t expect him to share those toys, because when Trevor the sausage dog suggests it, Pig replies vehemently “No, they are mine! Are you deaf? Only mine! You keep your paws off them, you sausage-shaped swine!”

Sadly, to the aghast and amused shrieks of my co-teachers, everything goes horribly wrong for Pig, as he accidentally goes flying out of a window. As the author notes, “pigs cannot fly…”

It really is a beautifully illustrated book – funny for both grown-ups and kids – with some great plays on words and idioms. I used this book with EFL learners aged 8-9, who were better able to understand the concept of karmic punishment and why  bouncing on a huge pile of toys can never end well.

For the littler ones we made ‘paper rockets’ with the characters and tried to blow the characters as far along the table as we could. This is an idea I got from here. Here are my templates for colouring in and creating envelopes – when finished, stick a straw in the bottom, and whooosh, Pig flies out the window once again!

Trevor envelope

Pig 2

Pig the Pug

High quality PDF of envelopes

You can buy Pig the Pug here.

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