Play or playing?

Some flashcards to practise the names for 12 different hobbies. Cut along the horizontal lines, fold in half, laminate – saves having to use coloured backing paper. Hobbies are good for practising the present continuous too – instead of saying, “I like to hike,” or just “hike,” students could respond, “He is hiking.” Of course, […]

Memory games

Memory games are useful in the EFL classrooms – they use different skills to make sure kids really retain the vocabulary you’re teaching. They are reading the words, they are remembering words from a picture, they are saying the words, and they are listening to their teammates speak. These games also help to make large […]

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Bill Martin Jr.’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? book is great for EFL learners – lots of repetitive language, easy vocabulary that they will encounter elsewhere (colours and animals), and beautiful Eric Carle drawings. Like other books, I’ve adapted mine by photocopying it, and enlarging the pictures and text for kids to see, […]