Using mini whiteboards

One of the most useful things I have in my classrooms is a set of pieces of laminated white paper. They are a cheap version of the mini whiteboards you can buy in stationery shops, easily replaced when they get tired, and more environmentally friendly than paper – you can even laminate used paper with […]


Makan-makan, eating together, is an important part of the Sabahan cultural landscape. In the morning, I get asked, “Have you eaten already?” Teachers eat together constantly through the day, and share whatever they have. Last week, I practised fruit and vegetables with a Year 6 class through a “Sudat makan? Already eaten?” discussion and a […]

Memory games

Memory games are useful in the EFL classrooms – they use different skills to make sure kids really retain the vocabulary you’re teaching. They are reading the words, they are remembering words from a picture, they are saying the words, and they are listening to their teammates speak. These games also help to make large […]