All About My Family

I’ve been teaching Year 3 about the family recently. They’re pretty good with the¬†mother and¬†father; these activities are designed to take them beyond that into the exciting realm of aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters, and the grandparents. Some ideas: Ask learners to bring in a photograph of their families. Learners work in pairs […]

My Granny Went to Market

This is a new book for me, but My Granny Went to Market¬†by Stella Blackstone is already one of my favourites. It has beautifully coloured, bright pictures, and is essentially a counting rhyme about a granny with a magic flying carpet, who visits the markets of the world. Although the language will be quite difficult […]

Ladybird Worksheets

Here are eight printable worksheets for you to use with Eric Carle’s¬†The Bad-Tempered Ladybird.¬†Worksheets can be helpful for supporting children to consolidate their understanding of vocabulary, and as a quiet activity after a loud one. These ones make use of matching activities, substitution tables, gapfills, and the child’s personal perception of the book. You can […]